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Here’s How We Can Help

While we tailor our strategies and solutions to meet the individual needs of everyone we help, we’ve developed a process to help you decide if we may be a good fit for one another.

Understanding our process can help guide your expectations as you evaluate our firm and others you may be considering.

What You Should Know:

No Cost or Obligation

Before any money exchanges hands, you should feel comfortable and confident in your decision to work with our firm. 

Your Biggest Questions Answered

From what we do, our philosophy or how we can put our knowledge and experience to your complex concerns - we’ll focus on creating clarity by answering your biggest questions before working together.


Introductory Call

To get things started, we’ll hop on a 15-minute introductory call to see how we may be a good fit for you and your financial needs. If we agree together that our firm may not be right for you, we’ll refer you to someone who may be a better match.


“Get Acquainted” Meeting

When you go to the doctor’s office, which comes first - the diagnosis or the prescription? We believe the same principle should apply to your financial health. That’s why we schedule some time to “get acquainted” with you and your financial concerns before diving into how we may be able to help.

Our goal during this time is to obtain total clarity and understanding regarding your goals, needs and concerns about the future.


Our Analysis

After getting a better idea of who you are and what your biggest financial concerns are, we’ll work on analyzing your current situation to help you answer:

  • Am I on track to achieve my long-term financial goals?
  • Is there a way to reduce my tax bill?
  • Are my investments aligned with my goals, or could my portfolio be improved?


Analysis Review Meeting

When we get together for a second time, we’ll go over our recommendations based on the three questions outlined above. In doing so, it is our hope that you’ll gain a better understanding of how our firm can bring value to your financial life.

At this time, if you’re comfortable with the recommendations provided and confident in moving forward with our firm, we’ll work to formalize the relationship. If you’re still on the fence, it’s no problem at all. Take some time to think through what we’ve discussed before deciding whether or not to move forward in working together.


Sleep On It

We don’t believe in rushing or pressuring you when it comes to making important decisions about your financial future. Instead, we encourage you to take all the time you need to think through our recommendations and decide for yourself whether we’d be the right fit for you or your business. 


Get Started Meeting

As we meet for a third time, we’ll take the time to answer any remaining questions you may have, reevaluate the recommendations made and outline what you can expect moving forward. When you’re ready, we’ll start the paperwork necessary to transition you into becoming a client.

How Can I Be Sure I’m a Good Fit for Your Firm?

We believe our experience and knowledge is best put to use helping those who are faced with complex financial concerns.

We’ve Helped Those Including:

Stock-compensated employees and corporate executives who understand the value of delegating their financial concerns and simplifying their finances

Business owners looking for help in selecting and implementing their company’s 401(k) plan, as well as streamline their personal and professional finances

Those who are 5 to 10 years away from retirement and have saved diligently over the years, accumulating at least $1,000,000 or more in investable assets

Individuals who seek experienced guidance and know the importance of delegating their retirement planning to a trusted professional

Sound Like You?

Get Started Today