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Combining Your Goals For the Future

With Our Strategic & Experienced Planning

Cycle of Greed/Buy and Fear/Sell investing cycle

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Why does taking a holistic, personal approach to financial planning matter? Because we believe in building a solid, healthy foundation for a lifetime of smart, goal-based financial decision making.

By working with an experienced financial planning firm like ours, we can work together to help you see the big picture and understand how to manage your money in an effective manner.

We approach your financial picture comprehensively, which allows us to analyze what you have, evaluate what could be done better and search for every opportunity to optimize your wealth. We incorporate the Certified Financial Planning process in your plan.

We're Well Equipped to Help Those Facing

Stock Compensation

With Austin, Texas growing as a hub for new startups, it’s likely your employer has opted to offer you stock compensation options. We help busy professionals like you in Austin and beyond to understand the growing complexities of their compensation packages, so you can get back to doing what you love. Has your company announced they’re going IPO? Or are you facing important decisions about stock options or deferred comp? We’re here to help.


Saving for retirement and transforming your savings into a tax-efficient, reliable stream of income require two very different skill sets. When retirement is right around the corner, we’ll work to make the transition into this new and exciting life stage as hassle-free and seamless as we can.

Expert Guidance

Rather than tuning in to the noise of the media and the market, we focus on developing tailored long-term plans designed to reach your financial goals.

As part of that plan, we place a special emphasis on protecting you and your portfolio from what is likely your biggest enemy - yourself. That’s because (thanks to the way we’re wired), most of us are prone to making poor investment decisions with our own money. Which makes a trusted advisor an important asset to your investment portfolio - because we can help keep your emotions and behavioral biases out of your investments.

Evidence-Based Investing 

While some say there’s both a science and an art to investing, we tend to focus on the former. That’s why, as we develop your investment portfolio, we focus on what we’ve learned from decades of research, history and analysis - not from what some news anchor shares on TV.

The decisions we make in regard to your portfolio are based on scientific reasoning and your own long-term goals. We develop evidence-based portfolios that are low-cost, globally diversified and focused on capturing market returns through ETFs, index funds and other broad market mutual funds.

Financial Services 

 In an effort to both protect your wealth and provide peace of mind, we have chosen to utilize a third-party custodian, TD Ameritrade, to house our clients’ assets.

We’re Dedicated to Realigning Your Finances With Your Goals for the Future

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